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SILARUKOV Sled Trainer

SILARUKOV Sled Trainer

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This SILARUKOV sled is used for dragging weights, using the cable. It helps one to gain endurance, increase your speed, give you overall physical strength. This sled is made of 5 mm thick steel sheet. The loading pin can be taken off for transportation. The sled sizes are: length is 62 cm, width is 35 cm, loading pin is 42 cm high. The weight of the sled is 12,5 kg. The sled is supplied with a carabiner and car dragging cable 8 meters long (which can hold up to 8 tons of weight). Made of steel. Powder paiting. SILARUKOV is lazer cut on the sled. The weight plates are not included. Shipping cost is calculated individually. Approximate shipping cost to Europe is 60 Euros. Approximate cost of shipping to USA is USD 70.

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