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SILARUKOV 10 mm Power Twister (Heavy)

SILARUKOV 10 mm Power Twister (Heavy)

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HEAVY RESISTENCE. Much heavier than a Chinese Twister of 60 kg. the Majority of athletes can't handle the 10 mm Twister without specialized training. Great trainer for the trained and strong.

A power twister is one of the most popular fitness exercisers, which helps develop and support strong wrists, forearms, shoulders, breasts, back and neck muscles. 

A Silarukov Power Twister will help in the  development of the large and small chest muscles as well as pronators and arch support. The synergist muscles will be in work: biceps brachii, latissimus, trapezius, rhomboid muscles. 

This Power Twister exerciser is used in fitness, bodybuilding, functional training (including CrossFit).

Silarukov Power Twister's advantages:

- convenient removable handles with soft notch (convenient for transportation);

- weight;

- design (each Twister has a diameter of the spring written on the handles).

Spring diameter: 10 mm.

The length of the spring is 40 cm.

The total length of the expander is 80 cm.

Arm length: 20 cm / each.

The diameter of the handle is 28 mm.

The weight of the Power Twister is 6,4 kg (tolerance - 50-100 gr.)

There are also twisters with 8, 9, 11 and 12 mm springs (please see the catalogue).

The cost of shipping is calculated individually and depends on the city of the recipient. 

98,50 €

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