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SILARUKOV RING for hand and finger lifts.

SILARUKOV RING for hand and finger lifts.

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This SILARUKOV Ring is used for training your fingers and hands by lifting weights. The rod is 16 mm in diameter. It can be used for lifts of weights by all fingers or by separate fingers (as with all training, beware of trauma. Especially lifts with only ring finger are not recommended. It is a 100% way to trauma. Use minimal weights and a combination of fingers) .

This tool can also be used for throwing stones (or instead of stone one can use a vertical pin with plates, this are to be purchased separately).

Supplied with about 15 cm of chain and carabiner to connect to the loading pin or other weights. The 16 mm rod is thick and most carabiners will not fit by themselves without a chain fixture. 

19,90 €

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