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Nunchuck-type Grip Pull-Up Trainer

Nunchuck-type Grip Pull-Up Trainer

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This grip training tool looks similar to Nunchuck and that's where it got its name. The SILARUKOV nunchuk-type grip trainer will help you improve your grip in a variety of training ways and will make your fingers stronger. You can fix the nunchucks to the pull-up bar and do the following: a) pull-ups with both hands; b) pull-ups with one hand (for extra strong sportsmen); c) hang for time (like 10, 20, 30 sec or more); Additionally, you can use the nunchucks the other way, together with vertical loading pin(s): d) farmer works with nunchucks and two vertical loading pins; e) horizontal one-hand (or two hand) dead-lift; You can also use one nunchuck in the following training ways: f) take in in one hand vertically and make lifts (as escalibur is pulled); g) you can pull as above for reps; h) you can pull as above and hold it for time; Made of metal. Powder painting (goes excellent with magnesium). Price is given for a pair with a pair of chains and a pair of carabiners. Loading pins are purchased additionally, if needed. Please view video with the nunchuck and other similar grip tools.

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