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SILARUKOV WELL (Wrist Roller Wrist and Forearm Trainer)

SILARUKOV WELL (Wrist Roller Wrist and Forearm Trainer)

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Metal stick with a rope and carabiner for training grip strength and forearms.

How to use the equipment:

1) You can put the weight to the cable with the help of rope and carabiner and roll the weight up to the stick with your hands.

2) You can use a rod which is put inside the metal stick and put on the squat rack. To add weight it is recommended to use a vertical plate pin (purchased separately). The exercise is as follows: you rotate the stick with your hands and rise the weight up. 

Material: galvanized steel (possible unevenness of color in some places).

Length: 38.3 cm. Outer diameter: 48 mm. Hole diameter: 26.7 mm. Cable length: 1-1.5 meter. The strength of the cable: up to 500 kg load. Weight: 1,6 - 1.7 kg.

Not included: rod (to put inside the metal stick) and a rack for bench press, and vertical neck (for weight plates). These accessories are to be purchased separately.

55,00 €

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