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The SILARUKOV "Maxim" Double Rolling Handle (three options to choose from)

The SILARUKOV "Maxim" Double Rolling Handle (three options to choose from)

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The SILARUKOV double rolling handles are available in three sizes: 50 mm, 60 mm and 76 mm in diameter. We call these handles "Maxim handles".


The Double rolling handles are good for pull-ups, for deadlifting, for pulling with the rubber or weight-machine. 


The thickness of the handles and the rotation makes it a good exerciser for fingers, wrists and forearms. The thicker the handle, the harder it is to train with it. It is a good grip trainer as well. 


Many armwreslers enjoy training with this device and use it for pull-ups with monkey grip (without the thumb). A very good wrist training exercise. 


The handles are made of steel and painted.


There has not been a single ocasion of breaking of our handles, they are very save and durable. No bearings are used in the handles. There is nothing that can break in it. 


Please choose the size you'd like to purchase: 50, 60 or 76 mm. 


Each Maxim handle comes in handy with a strap loop and a 10 mm carabiner.


You can use it for pull-ups right from the store. For deadlifts with Maxim handles we suggest you additionally buy a vertical weight pin. 


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